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Advertising  in the SSMF Guardian

To place an ad, show brag with photo, memorial etc..send your photo/s & content to:
SSMF Guardian Contributing Editor/ Graphic Designer, Dolly Moore
Phone: 256 852 0702


Advertising Deadlines (Dates Subject To Change- Email To Verify Deadlines)
Who can advertise in the Guardian
Guardian advertisement rates
How to advertise in the Guardian
Reserving Ad Pages/Covers
SSMF Guardian’s "Truth in Advertising"
Billing Policy

Who can advertise

  • Interior ads Advertising Dogs and Kennels is for full SSMF and/or MCOA Members in good standing only. 

  • Front and back cover ads are reserved for full SSMF members only as a perk of membership

  • Please send all ads or photos with desired text to Dolly Moore at  

  • All dogs advertised must be solely owned or co-owned by SSMF or MCOA members in good standing.

  • Names of non-members are allowed on Member/Associate Member ads HOWEVER (see below)

  • Kennel names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or website addresses of non-members cannot be included.

NEW LOWER SSMF Guardian Ad Rates Beginning June 2009

Thanks to finding a lower priced printer for our publication who can still deliver to us the same quality we want, SSMF is happy to offer significantly lower advertising rates!



Front Cover

$ 75.00

Back Cover

$ 60.00

Color Center Fold Page/s

$ 50.00 Each

One interior black & white page

$ 20.00

1/2 page (black & white)

$ 15.00

* Please call or email Dolly at for front or back cover or centerfold color ad availability!

How to advertise in the SSMF Guardian

  • Please email your .jpg photo file attachments to the ad designer at

  • The spelling of all names in the SSMF Guardian advertising is printed as submitted

  • If you have any instructions for the Ad designer include them in the email with the photos.

  • Commercial ads are defined in this magazine as any ad for a product or service, regardless of whether or not the advertiser is affiliated with the SSMF or with MCOA.  Please email the ad designer at  for design or placement of commercial ads.

Reserving Ad Pages/Covers

Ad pages and covers may be reserved by sending in a $20.00 per page deposit which is credited toward the cost of the ad. 

Ad page deposits are forfeited if ad content is not sent to the ad designer by the stated deadline for that issue.

If you are wish to reserve a cover or color ad inside the publication, email or call Dolly to find what is available. 

To the best of our ability advertisements appear in the SSMF Guardian in the order they are received. 

SSMF Guardian Advertising Rules

  • Dog ads may be placed by SSMF or MCOA members only.

  • Commercial Ads are not bound by this restriction however they cannot contain a website link or reference to any Mastiff breeder or kennel

  • It is the overall responsibility of the ADVERTISER to make sure that all claims are true and accurate. The SSMF Guardian does not assume liability for ad content. Please be as specific as possible in your ad content regarding show wins, certifications and health testing claims.

  • HEALTH TESTING CLAIMS:  All claims of health testing certifications on any Mastiff advertised in the SSMF Guardian must be true and certification numbers available if requested by the Guardian Editors.

  • SHOW RANK CLAIMS:  All claims of show rank on any Mastiff advertised in the SSMF Guardian must be true and prove-able through the AKC database.

  • NON SHOW CERTIFICATIONS:  All claims of non show certifications, such as CGC, TDI, TT must be prove-able with documentation, if requested.

  • These policies also extend to the SSMF Online Member Breeder Listings, published on the SSMF website.

  • SSMF reserves the right to remove or make changes to any claim that is incorrect, illegible, does not meet these guidelines, or cannot  be verified in a timely fashion.

Billing Policy

Checks for ad payment should be sent to the interim SSMF treasurer at:

Kelly Meyer

2229 Tennessee Avenue

Savannah, GA 31404